Active electronic suspension
for Mercedes Gelandewagen

Advantages of suspension
  • Положения жесткости 3 modes
    5 levels of stiffness
  • Скорость реакции амортизатора Speed of shock absorber
    reaction 2500 times/sec

Why do Gelandewagen owners choose
TracTive suspension

Active electronically controlled suspension with three modes of settings,
five levels each - your continuous connection with the car.
You will forget what stock system is!
Comfort, handling and safety in one solution from TracTive.
  • Регулировка режимов
    Контроль над управлением


    Total control over handling of your Gelandwagen on any road conditions. Absence of rolls and drifts. You are ready for any turn, as well as stable car body position whilst rapid acceleration and braking.

  • Провода


    Ability to set five different degrees of damping on both the front and rear axles. You get endless options for possible shock absorbers settings.в

  • Пульт управления


    The ability to instantly go from a soft and comfortable ride to combat status by pressing a button in the cabin. You can relax! The system remembers your preferences, and continues to work on-line, taking into account your preferences, understanding which shock absorber to stiffen or relax at the moment.

TracTive in details

Обзор активной подвески Tractive Suspension для Mercedes Gelandewagen (G-class).

Дата загрузки:2017-07-05

  • G-сенсора

    Two longitudinal and lateral acceleration G-sensors

  • Пульт управления в салоне

    The control unit located in the cabin with separate adjustments of shock absorbers damping force for front and rear axles, and damping force of shock absorbers for longitudinal and transverse rolls.

  • Интеллектуальная система регулировки

    Intelligent preset control system. Even if you did not specify a mode of operation of shock absorbers, the system adjusts to road conditions itself within previously set damping range.

  • Амортизаторы Tractive

    TRACTIVE shock absorbers are repairable in all kinds of breakdowns, you get a guarantee on viability of parts for the entire life cycle of the product

Best solutions for your Gelandewagen

There are many models of cars, but Gelandewagen is a separate world in the Mercedes brand. And the presence of TRACTIVE makes this world absolute.

Forget details!
TRACTIVE SUSPENSION is your tomorrow!

Challenge yourself!

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